11 advantages of using aluminum doors and windows

by AluBrovie October 08, 2019

11 advantages of using aluminum doors and windows

Modern homes and apartments have many cases of using aluminum doors and windows. Why don't they choose wooden frames or PVC?

Because aluminum has 10 reasons better than other materials:

High strength

The first aluminum is a very strong metal that can be used longer and resistant to different weather conditions than wood or PVC.

Secondly, the aluminum window is not easy to warp. Aluminum is weather-resistant, does not require painting, and forms a sturdy, rigid window frame that is longer than a wood frame.

The third aluminum is also a scratch-resistant option that has proven to be very cost effective in the long run. Suitable for the widest range of modern aluminum door and window designs.

More Colors Available

Aluminum windows can be powder coated or anodized into thousands or wood grain transfer colors. The only limit to color is your imagination.

lower the cost

Aluminum windows are much cheaper on the market than wood frames. They are easier to manufacture and the materials are less expensive to start with.

Easy to maintain

Compared to aluminum, wood often warps and rots, requiring repainting every 3 to 5 years, and aluminum requires little maintenance. It never needs to be painted, does not rot or warp, and is rigid and strong enough to withstand the load on the window lintel and with minimal reinforcement.

It is now possible to bring the wood grain to the surface of aluminum by technology.

Better operability

Aluminum is a durable substance that retains its shape over time. Therefore, aluminum doors and windows will continue to open and slide for many years.

Better noise reduction

Aluminum is about three times heavier than uPVC and many times stronger than uPVC.

Aluminum windows energy saving

Because aluminum is light, malleable and easy to use, manufacturers can produce window frames with high levels of wind, water and air tightness, which means superior energy efficiency.


Since the internal inverted position is an aluminum alloy window, the indoor air is ventilated and clean, while eliminating the possibility of rain entering the room. There is no doubt that clean air creates a suitable living environment.


The connecting hardware around the sash, the indoor operating handle, and the window frame fixed to the frame when the window is closed, so that the window has excellent safety.

Environmentally friendly recyclable

It helps to protect natural resources, reduce pollution caused by the ecological environment during metal production and consumption, and achieve environmental protection.