130 Folding Door series

Folding doors combine indoor and outdoor living areas with multi-faceted, two-way or floating operations. They are mainly used for partitions in workshops, shopping malls, office buildings, showrooms and home decorating, screen use, interior, and exterior doors. Installation and use. It can effectively play the role of temperature, dust, noise reduction, sound insulation, and shielding.

Advantages of aluminum door materials:
1. Good insulation. The door leaf adopts the hollow glass structure, which makes the door truly play the excellent functions of sound insulation, heat insulation, and heat preservation.
2. Waterproof function. The structure of the drainage system is designed by the principle of pressure balance. The slope of the inclined design is stepped, with a drainage port, smooth drainage, and good water tightness.
3. Fire protection function. Aluminum alloy is a metal material that does not burn.
4. Soundproof. The structure has been carefully designed and the seams are tight. The test results show that the sound insulation of the air reaches 30-40 minutes, ensuring no noise disturbance for residents within 50 meters on both sides of the expressway. The adjacent city center can also ensure the tranquility and warmth of the interior.
5. Sand prevention. The inner frame is made of hollow material, which has a strong resistance to wind pressure deformation and good anti-vibration effect. It can be used in high-rise buildings and homes. It can be designed with large window types and large lighting areas. This door is more airtight than any aluminum door. It ensures that there is no dust on the inner doors and floors of the sand area.
6. Green building materials, in line with a circular economy, with more colors and different styles of surface treatment, such as imitation wood grain, suitable for all occasions