Skirting Board-BV-BA100

We produce high quality skirting boards in a variety of styles designed by industry experts to meet the requirements of international and professional environments.
Our skirting boards are mainly made of aluminum profiles, and some models can also be customized directly.
The aluminum alloy baseboard is a new type of replacement for modern decoration. It plays a role in visual balance, landscaping and protecting the corners and the ground in the decoration space.
1. Compared with traditional baseboards such as solid wood, flower foam, and PVC, the aluminum alloy baseboard has incomparable superiority:
2. Strong metal, flame retardant, waterproof, anti-collision, anti-mite, acid and alkali resistant and toluene safe and environmentally friendly.
3. It can meet the requirements of various indoor floor materials to achieve a coordinated, natural and beautiful decorative effect, and more to show the decorative fashion grade.
4. Aluminum alloy baseboard has special buckle fittings, which is convenient, fast, simple and safe to construct.